For us, you solved

the puzzle of life,
which you composed as collage:
of beauty, of music, of compassion,
of laughter, of friendship, of love.

The palette of choice was
All your gardens, All your songs,
All your art, All your Spirit,
which we learned was
All your life,

And even much more,

because you included us,

as you used your love
for your paintbrush
in every masterwork.

Speaking for our
undeserving world…

we still  did not deserve
to lose you, my friend.

Garden of a Friend


To Lose You, My Friend

2 thoughts on “To Lose You, My Friend

  • 2016/05/09 at 10:56 pm

    Im so glad I got to read this at mom’s celebration of life. Thank you for that honor.

    • 2016/05/11 at 10:29 am

      Gabe, Thank you. I was also very honored and humbled to hear you read it. That celebration was deservingly very special with songs, stories, poems and art. Just like Carol, it was unforgettable! My Best, Michael


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