So last night I told him.
Last night I opened up.
Last night I let him know
the real deal between us.

Last night I said it right to him:
“There’s no real competition here.”
Last night he indeed got my side,
honestly. totally, openly,

That all I’d ever wanted
was to impress him,
and he was the only man
to whom I’d ever need
to make that known.
the only one I truly loved
so much that now i needed
to make sure he knew.

And that if I could go
the exact same distance
that he did from where he started
to where he was at forty-one,
that I would as proud as shit,
that I would happy to be me,
and all because of him.

Course now, I am
over sixty and he has been
in the fucking ground
for exactly thirty years,
But last night I just felt,
that he really needed to know.

Last Night I Finally Told Him

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