Giant Binos Pointed Skyward.   A Self Portrait in my backyard.Let’s Start with this..

I’m but a single married soul slightly aglow with a residue of all those he knew and loved.  I call that the past.

But I actually live in the present, just like all of you. And I consider your graces to be the gifts of a greater spirit, shared and common within every soul.

The future? That’s where our collective dreams and schemes and goals are kept. But if we ignore the wisdom of cumulative experience,  as well as the ever more forceful voice of this planet, that’s also where nightmares are taking root to ambush every one of us together.   You see I’m convinced that we share a future conditional on the success of overcoming our own denials. So let’s get it on.

This site is part of an experiment that I once expected to get underway long before the first three-quarters of my life had already come and gone.  And that is despite, as I tell my friends, that my favorite hobby is collecting birthdays.  No matter, if after all that time, I  have found a voice worth a listen, we’ll find out together.  I think I have enough stored nuggets to polish and other stuff stocked away to get me through two or more trips around the sun.  After, that..well…I’m really hoping that there is more that just a couple of year’s worth in here.  Really now. Pace of production, that’s a different topic.

Finally, I do believe that our accomplishments belong to each other as the real, worthwhile experiences of art also flow through us together.  Our shared essence is both the river of creativity and a universal muse. (See this site’s URL for more on the topic.) In fact,  we just can’t avoid being both gregarious and derivative, although there is that denial thing.

So the poems, stories, review, opinions and images here are to be shared.  But not copied without my permission, which if you need…  Just ask!

PS. Comments on needed Grammatical Corrections, concern over inadvertent Malapropisms and issues with other Unintentionally Transposed Content can be directed at my email too.  I accept my needs for editors.  I confess the same, actually.  Plus anything else you need to say can also be added using the comment boxes.

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