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Epiphany. A short movie.

Epiphany is a movie about energy and risk assessment. It was inspired by a simple personal moment of clarity experienced in 1976 which served as portend to a famous failure just a few years later.
Epiphany is a movie about energy and risk assessment.  It was inspired by a simple, personal moment of clarity that I experienced in 1976 while still a student in college.   My instant of awareness then served as both portend and, quite coincidentally,  connection to a famous failure just a few years later.

This the first film created for my Studio Michaelino,  Epiphany was a nominated selection for the inaugural Fast Forward Film Festival  and at the festival in April, 2015 received an Honorable Mention in the category :“Strongest Call to Action.”

Music by Neslort and Rick Trolsen.  “The Yoga Rope Rag” used with permission  From the album:Mystical Scam. This is a 2010 album for which I have promised  (to myself) to write a review.  Actually, I don’t normally write reviews of art that inspires me, I will write, instead, what I term an “appreciation” for this marvelous album, especially as I was given a preview of the process of its creation. That’s because Rick is a very good friend.

To complete this movie, I also must thank another friend, and a fellow geek: Patricia Pehlman.  Pat supplied a key video clip and I might have had to delay the film’s completion by several months if she had not been able to help.

Improvising Gettysburg: A Movie and A Song

 Noted documentarian Ken Burn’s recently invited everyone to learn, recite and upload the Gettysburg address.  My reaction was to improvise a song instead.  And then I asked my niece, Amelia, if she was interested in making a film  with me that included my singing.  As Amelia was busy getting ready to apply to film schools that she planned to attend after her high school graduation, she was not only interested but she wanted to add the results to her portfolio.   Continue reading