Noted documentarian Ken Burn’s recently invited everyone to learn, recite and upload the Gettysburg address.  My reaction was to improvise a song instead.  And then I asked my niece, Amelia, if she was interested in making a film  with me that included my singing.  As Amelia was busy getting ready to apply to film schools that she planned to attend after her high school graduation, she was not only interested but she wanted to add the results to her portfolio.  And so she went off to film and photograph the Civil War section of the historic Mount Hope Cemetery in Rochester, NY.  Two shots, where you will see me and then both of us, sing were filmed by us together.  All the rest of the cinematography and photography, (except for two stock images of stamps and another I took in Washington)  were created by Amelia.  Finally,  while we started editing this together, very early in the process Amelia took control of that as well.  I offered advice on transitions and titling but each editing decision was approved or created without my advice by Amelia.   Here is our film:

(You may also watch this in the context of the Ken Burns site using this link)

Improvising Gettysburg: A Movie and A Song

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